Current publications, surveys and presentations by the AAE:

The AAE makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information within the following publications. However, it is for the user to ensure that the information contained in these publications is up-to-date.

The publications and surveys are listed by subject area:


Standards, Freedoms and General Purposes


Investment and Financial Risk



Standards, Freedoms and Professionalism


Investment and Financial Risk


The Pensions Committee carries out surveys in a number of areas. These surveys are updated from time to time, and the date of currency of each survey is indicated. Each survey is developed under the guidance of an editor, drawing together input from the delegates of each national actuarial association participating in the AAE. The material is reviewed by the Pensions Committee as a whole before publication. No charge is made for using this material, but users are requested to acknowledge the source.

The purpose is to provide data on which European policy-makers and other interested groups can rely in their considerations.

The surveys are somewhat inter-related and fall into groups as follows:

Benefit Provision

Funding and Security

Role of the Actuary


  • Glossary of Pensions Terminology (pdf, 78KB)
    Edited by Peter Prieler, March 2004. A glossary of technical actuarial terms used in pension work, in 12 European languages.


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