Social Security Sub-Committee



Chairperson: Chris Daykin

Terms of Reference


Costas Stavrakis Cyprus Association of Actuaries
Marios Yiannas Cyprus Association of Actuaries
Ales Krejdl Česká Společnost Aktuárů
Chresten Dengsøe Den Danske Aktuarforening
Ismo Risku Suomen Aktuaariyhdistys
Safia Lekéhal Institut des Actuaires
Sylvain Le Bihan Institut des Actuaires
Stefan Oecking Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung
Maria Economou Hellenic Actuarial Society
Marianna Papamichail Hellenic Actuarial Society
Tibor Párniczky Magyar Aktuárius Táraság
Cinzia Ferrara Istituto Italiano degli Attuari and Consiglio Nazionale degli Attuari
Falco Valkenburg Het Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap
Jeroen van den Bosch Het Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap
to be confirmed Polskie Stowarzyszenie Aktuariuszy
Pedro Barbosa Instituto dos Actuarios Portugueses
David Bogataj Slovensko Aktuarsko društvo
Maitane Mancebo Alzola Instituto de Actuarios Españoles
Severine Arnold Association Suisse des Actuaires
Peter Gatenby Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
Chris Daykin Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
Yves Brys Chair AAE Mortality TF
Anne Drouin International Labour Organisation
Florian Léger International Labour Organisation

Terms of Reference

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The Sub-committee will consider, from the point of view of the actuarial profession, matters relating to demography, ageing, social security, and social protection policy in Europe.  The Sub-committee will report to the Pensions Committee and make proposals on actions required.

In particular the Sub-Committee will:

  1. monitor announcements and publications relating to the matters listed above, especially from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council;
  2. identify topics on which it might be practical and useful for the AAEto develop a discussion paper or position paper and/or to issue a press release;
  3. carry out research drawing on readily available materials, such as projections of the population and of social expenditure (fundamental research involving development of models of our own is unlikely to be feasible);
  4. present through the AAE the views and advice of the actuarial profession in the EU on matters of concern to the profession in demography, ageing, social security and social protection policy to the EU Institutions, particularly the European Commission, Eurostat and the European Parliament, and, where appropriate, to other organisations;
  5. where appropriate, co-operate with other Committees of the AAE in considering issues of joint concern, for example with the Insurance Committee on matters of mortality, morbidity and ageing, to ensure a co-ordinated approach in making submissions to the Commission and other organisations;
  6. maintain informal contact with the Social Security Committee and the Population Issues Working Group of the International Actuarial Association, the Technical Commission for Statistical, Actuarial and Financial Studies of the International Social Security Association and the Social Security Department of the International Labour Office and any other European and international bodies and academic institutions whose activities relate to the concern of the Sub-Committee;
  7. organize regular meetings with representatives of DG Ecofin, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, DG Internal Market and Services and Eurostat to discuss matters of mutual interest;
  8. seek opportunities to brief MEPs on work carried out by the AAE and in particular on any published position papers and press releases.

July 2012


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