Actuview – European actuarial community at your fingertips

Falco Valkenburg
Chairperson AAE


The three main Strategic Objectives of the AAE are clear guidelines for what we want to achieve as an association and also guides all other AAE activities, including the work we do within the committees and working groups, with our member associations and individual actuaries and our engagement with external stakeholders and partners.

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Why you should care about ethics in the use of data?

Esko Kivisaari
Immediate Past Chairperson AAE


As European actuaries we are committed to the principles of our Code of Professional Conduct: integrity, competence and care, compliance, impartiality and communication. As an element of this “an actuary must not provide … information … that the actuary knows … is materially false or misleading, contains statements or information furnished recklessly or omits or obscures information required to be included and as a result is materially misleading”. Further on “an actuary must perform specific professional services only if the actuary is competent and appropriately experienced to do so…”. These are very demanding requirements generally, but perhaps even more so when we talk of novel data science and predictive analytics.

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