AAE Positions and Discussion Papers

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Environmental Liability Directive – Financial Security and the Polluter Pays Principle

September 2022

Sustainability issues and reputational risk for insurance companies and pension funds

September 2022

AAE position on Insurance Recovery and Resolution

July 2022

Solvency II-Review: Main positions of the AAE

June 2022

From Labour Supply to Labour Productivity

May 2022

AAE position Sustainability and Climate Change

December 2021

AAE Survey on how Solvency II measures worked during COVID-19

November 2021

Our future role as social security actuaries in Europe

October 2021

Volatility adjustment in the SII 2020 context

July 2021

Extrapolation of the risk-free interest rate term structure in the context of the SII 2020 review

July 2021

Insurability and pandemic (or more generally, shared resilience) risk

June 2021

Actuaries and Operational Risk Management

January 2021

AAE Position ESG – actuarial view

December 2020

AAE Position Defining Professionalism within the actuarial profession

December 2020

AAE Position Main concerns of the AAE on Solvency II

December 2020

AAE Position Economic capital cost for a publicly owned insurer writing pandemic risk

December 2020

Roles of Actuaries in relation to IFRS 17

November 2020

AAE position paper on COVID-19

May 2020

Application of Professional Judgment by Actuaries

January 2020

A Review of the Design of the Solvency II Risk Margin

December 2019

AAE comments on EIOPA analysis of IFRS 17 vs. Solvency II

September 2019

AAE Position Solvency II

September 2019

AAE Position Sustainable Finance

September 2019

AAE Position Data Science and Ethics in Insurance

September 2019

AAE Position Costs and Past Performance – Participation Products

September 2019

AAE’s Comments on EIOPA’s Analysis of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts

September 2019

Meeting the Challenge of Ageing in the EU

March 2019

AAE Messages in face of EU Parliamentary Election and the New Commission

February 2019

AAE Position Consistency of Solvency II

December 2018

AAE Position IFRS17

December 2018

AAE Position Undertaking Specific Parameters

July 2018

PEPP Regulation

March 2018

Summary of papers on Actuarial Function Report and Actuarial Function Holder

August 2017

Required skills to be a good risk manager

December 2016

Negative interest rates

December 2016

AAE Survey of the low interest rate environment

August 2016

The Roles of Actuaries under Solvency II

June 2016

Comments on the IORP Directive

May 2016

The ageing of the EU – implications for pensions

March 2016

Proposed Revision of IORP Directive

November 2015

Clarity before Solvency

May 2015

Survey of Decumulation Regimes

February 2015

Key issues for setting up national pension tracking services in six EU countries

February 2015

Independent review of Solvency II reports

November 2014

Sponsor Support Valuation and Market Consistency

April 2014

Report on key issues from the review of national tracking services

October 2013

Position paper on the draft EU Portability Directive

January 2013

Comparison of the Regulatory Approach in Insurance and Banking in the Context of Solvency II

January 2013

Why use an actuary?

December 2012

Market Consistency

December 2012

Solvency II: raising the bar on Insurance Technical Expertise

December 2012

A possible framework for the regulation of the production and use of indices serving as benchmarks in financial and other contracts

November 2012

Sustainability of Pension Systems in Europe – the Demographic Challenge

July 2012

Sustainability of Pension Systems in Europe – the Demographic Challenge

July 2012

Use of Age and Disability as rating factors in Insurance

December 2011

The Actuarial Function under Solvency II

June 2011

Avoiding Pitfalls In Retirement

October 2009

Continuous Professional Development Strategy

September 2008

Survey of Actuarial Education in Europe

August 2008

Actuarial reflections on pandemic risk and its consequences

May 2006

The Actuarial Profession in Europe

September 2003

Glossary of Pensions Terminology

March 2003

IFoA’s policy briefing ‘Climate Emergency – Tipping the Odds in our Favour’.