Benefits of volunteering


In order for AAE to motivate actuaries to volunteer, it is necessary to explain all the benefits of volunteering.

  • To actuaries
  • To employers

For actuaries

As a volunteer you can:

  • Support the development of well-informed European policies that work for the benefit of society as a whole
  • Help to develop solutions to the problems facing our industries and the wider society
  • Contribute towards actuaries being recognised as the leading quantitative professional advisers in financial services, risk management and social protection
  • Network with actuaries from all over Europe with different experience & profile
  • Deepen technical knowledge by working on topical issues alongside experts from the profession
  • Raise your profile both within and outside the actuarial profession
  • Help to ensure our profession continues to adapt to meet evolving requirements
  • Count relevant volunteer engagement towards your CPD requirements


For employers

Volunteering for AAE should also be valued by all employers, not just certain consultancy firms.
Member associations should try to communicate to employers the reasons why having employees who volunteer for AAE is good for them.

Why should volunteering be perceived as an opportunity for your employer?

  • Volunteers have access to industry experts and insights allowing them to keep abreast of developments
  • Volunteers can ensure that the specific requirements of their sector/country are addressed in the development of European policies
  • It reinforces the employer’s ESG policy by contributing to the well-being of society
  • It enhances the employer’s image in the actuarial community and with European institutions
  • It enables actuaries to develop a broader vision of the market and its challenges
  • It enables actuaries to acquire and develop personal and professional skills by working with actuaries from all over Europe

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the AAE Secretariat by email and send a copy of your message to your local actuarial association for information.

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