The European Actuary

The European Actuary (TEA) is published under the responsibility of the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE).
From 2021 the magazine will appear on a quarterly basis.



Link to all issues of TEA (which can be downloaded in PDF format).



TEA aims to inform, disclose and share new business-critical, global and local developments, viewpoints and the latest successful principles and practices that are of significant interest to corporate board members, politicians, actuarial professionals and captains of industry in the financial, actuarially-related arena.


More than ever, ‘managing risk’ is key in creating company and customer value in a competitive increasingly global environment. Actuaries are the pre-eminent professional ‘risk managers’ and ‘risk communicators’ in the managerial field — they are thought leaders. They combine the latest multi-disciplinary insights into practical sustainable business advice.


As a quarterly magazine, publishing articles, interviews and viewpoints from a European perspective, TEA’s objective is to promote and support actuarial thought leadership by sharing best practice and new insights on the interface of actuarial and business practice. We look forward to receiving your comments on TEA, as well as suggestions of future contributions to the magazine. Please send them to: