Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1: Enhance relations with European institutions

Establish and maintain relationships with key European institutions, so that the AAE can effectively provide them with high quality professional advice to improve the soundness of decisions from an actuarial perspective.

  • Play a prominent role in shaping the development of new European legislation, and in the review and refinement of existing legislation, affecting the work of actuaries in traditional areas and in wider fields as actuaries extend their areas of involvement;
  • Reinforce existing relationships with the European Commission and EIOPA;
  • Build and enhance relationships with the European Parliament and the Council of the EU; and
  • Maintain contact with other European organisations such as industry and consumer protection bodies.


Strategic Objective 2: Promote Professionalism

Promote consistent standards of education and professionalism among actuaries in Europe.

  • prescribe minimum requirements for the education of actuaries to be applied by member associations;
  • facilitate continuing professional development of actuaries;
  • ensure that all member associations have a code of professional conduct which reflects at least the requirements of the AAE’s Code of Professional Conduct, and an appropriate disciplinary process;
  • develop and maintain model standards of actuarial practice for work undertaken by actuaries in relation to EU regulatory requirements;
  • maintain a mutual recognition agreement which is consistent with the requirements of the EU Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive;
  • support the development and recognition of individual member associations;
  • help to ensure that regulated actuarial work is performed by those properly qualified to undertake it and subject to relevant professional and technical actuarial standards; and
  • support the development and recognition of actuarial work in wider fields as actuaries extend their areas of involvement.


Strategic Objective 3: Promote a European community of actuaries

Promote a European community of actuaries between AAE member associations, their members and the AAE.

  • encourage the exchange of information and ideas;
  • facilitate networking between actuaries, especially in wider fields;
  • strengthen awareness among member associations and their members of the work of the AAE; and
  • facilitate mutual assistance between member associations.
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