Mission Statement

To enhance the role of the AAE, on behalf of the actuarial profession in Europe, as an objective, independent, professional, leading adviser, contributor and spokesperson to European institutions and stakeholders on all matters of actuarial relevance, widely recognised and respected in this role, in pursuit of the public interest.

To create added value for the actuarial profession in Europe and to provide support by sharing, encouraging, facilitating and resourcing in order to

  • enhance the quality of actuarial work to the benefit of the public and the users of actuarial advice
  • promote professionalism
  • develop model standards and to encourage member associations to adopt
  • encourage advancement of actuarial education, research, science and practice
  • promote the role of the actuarial profession in protecting the consumer
  • promote a wide ranging role for actuaries as business advisers and influencers as well as technical experts
  • provide opportunities for networking and encourage sharing of best practice across Europe
  • respect the principle of subsidiarity