Bank failures and the role of the global actuary

Published June 2023

The role of the global actuary in banking in the face of bank failures

by Michael Tichareva

 width= Michael Tichareva BCOMM (HONS.), FASSA, FIA, MBA

Chair of the International Actuarial Association Banking Virtual Forum and Executive Chairman & Senior Actuary – Claxon Actuaries International


In their normal banking activities, banks are in the business of maturity transformation, where they raise deposits and other forms of funding (liabilities to the bank) from those with excess cash and lend to those in need of loans (assets to the bank). This scenario exposes banks to various risks, key of which is mismatching risks between assets and liabilities, as liabilities are often of a shorter duration whilst assets are often of a longer duration.

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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 34 – June 2023

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