Climate change affects our entire planet and forces actuaries to participate in solutions

Published June 2022

Climate-related Risk Scenarios

By André Choquet

 width= ANDRÉ CHOQUET, FCIA, FSA, CIM, RIS is Chair Climate Change & Sustainability Committee at the Canadian Institute of Actuaries


As I write these lines, the latest CO2 reading on the Keeling Curve stands at 419.27 ppm, the result of more than a century of an exponential growth since the start of the industrial revolution. The Keeling Curve is a daily record of global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration maintained by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. And that’s not even including the rest of the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. It is one of many metrics actuaries should become accustomed to as the 200 signatory countries to the 2016 Paris Agreement are trying to create the policies, finance the innovation and incite markets to remove Green House Gas emissions from our economies and to limit global warming to 1.5C, at most 2.0C.


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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 30 – June 2022

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