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XIV Italian National Actuarial Congress

14 November 2023 - 17 November 2023

The XIV Italian Actuarial Congress will take place in Milan as an in-person event on 15, 16 and 17 November 2023 at the Quark Hotel, Lampedusa Street 11.

In the last Congress (Rome 2021) a long term project was launched towards the “Global Actuary” attended by 1.210 participants, including stakeholders.

Actuaries in particular were always considered to be more involved in the traditional fields (usually insurance and pension) but also in the wider fields, these latter concern enterprise risk management, emerging and systemic risks, new data processing techniques, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, banking, financewelfare plans, including the supplementary health private funds and the non-financial corporates. Summing up the goal: to continue to further develop the traditional fields and at the same time to develop the new fields.

In the next Congress these topics will be considered from the Italian point of view but also looking at the European and international scenarios. 

The title of the Congress is the exact summary of the above mentioned contents and goals: “the global actuary for a sustainable world: tradition, innovation and emerging risks”, the same is for the most important topics:

  • the state of art of the “Global Actuary”  in Italy and in the world
  • the new frontiers of the insurance sector looking at climate change, solvency, value for money
  • the welfare in a changing world
  • sustainability in the insurance, pension, finance and corporate field and the contribution of the actuary
  • the project “human and financial resources” inside the Actuarial Italian Association
  • focus on the insurance market: the motor insurance reform and the future of the segregate funds in life insurance.

Some round tables will complete the program.

The Congress, as usual, will be open to the participation of stakeholders.


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Further details available on the websites: www.ordineattuari.it and www.actuary-isoa.com


14 November 2023
17 November 2023