How to develop strategies for natural catastrophes

Published September 2023


Interview: Marie Scholer by Jennifer Baker

Marie Scholer – is chairman of the NatCat Expert Network since 2019. She has written consultation papers on sustainability. She has also developed the Protection Gap Dashboard of EIOPA and is also currently (re)assessing the parameters of the standard formula for NatCat.

Can you explain what the goals are of the EIOPA Expert Network on Catastrophe Risk? How does the network intend to achieve these goals? ‘Firstly, the network is composed of experts on natural catastrophes from industry, model vendors, academics and also other EU institutions. And the main goal of this network is to contribute to the EIOPA initiative regarding modelling and mitigation of natural catastrophe risks, as well as climate change…

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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 35 – September 2023

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