New Chair Mária Kamenárová has plans to strengthen the brand of the European actuary and identified six goals to do so

Published December 2021

Setting targets for the AAE

 width= Mária Kamenárová is the Chairperson at Actuarial Association of Europe. She sat down with Jennifer Baker to talk about the plans to strengthen the brand of the European actuary.

The Actuarial Association in Europe (AAE) has identified major goals. Delivering on these objectives is part of the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the AAE, which wants to develop the European actuarial profession so it is ready to provide objective, independent, professional advice to European institutions and stakeholders on all matters of actuarial relevance, in pursuit of the public interest and strengthen cooperation within the industry.

The Chair of the board, Mária Kamenárová, has a wealth of experience to draw upon to meet this challenge. She is currently Risk Manager at Swiss Re as well as the current President of the Slovak Society of Actuaries.

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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 28 – December 2021

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