New edition of The European Actuary

Published June 2021

Issue 26, June 2021 of The European Actuary has been published.
The theme of this issue is Sustainability.


Featured Articles:

  • Adapt to survive | Interview with Elena Višnar Malinovská, DG CLIMA
  • Culture eats sustainability for breakfast | by Gus Badran and Servaas Houben
  • German pension dashboard – finally getting started | by André Geilenkothen and Stefan Oecking
  • Reform, resilience and recovery – Europe’s way forward | interview with Paolo Garonna
  • How to monitor actuarial assumptions regarding claim frequency in practice? | by Stéphane Loisel
  • Introduction to climate-related scenarios | by Micheline Dionne
  • Monetary policy – the current trajectory is not sustainable | by Rob van Leeuwen


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