New edition of The European Actuary

Issue 29, March 2022 of The European Actuary has been published.

Featured Articles:

  • Looking ahead | Interview with Petra Hielkema
  • Forecasting NATCAT reserves using the CIR2 model | by Giuseppe Orlando and Michele Bufalo
  • Insurance of electric vehicles | by Guillaume Serdeczny and Sarah Clarinard
  • Covid in Europe: Coronavirus and insurance in France 2020-2021 | by Guillaume Leroy and Frédéric Planchet
  • Covid in Europe: The Italian experience of Covid | by ISOA
  • Covid in Europe: Impact of the pandemic on mortality and morbidity in Germany | by Dirk Stötzel (DAV)
  • Actuaries and the media in the pandemic| by John Roberts and Stuart McDonald
  • Looking at good governance | Interview with MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo
  • Sustainability and climate change: main positions of the AAE | by Frank Schiller
  • Meet AAE Board member Matthias Pillaudin


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