New edition of The European Actuary

Issue 30, June 2022 of The European Actuary has been published.


The theme of this issue is: Climate Change & Cyber Risk.


Featured Articles:

  • Assessing the Cyber Security Risk | Interview with Bart Groothuis
  • Environmental Regulations – an opportunity not to be missed | by Chloé Coursaget and Léonora Le Quang Huy
  • The Impact of Cyber Risk on Risk Management | by Clemens Frey
  • A View on InsurTech | by Alberto Minali
  • Do you know what your Climate Model is made from? | by Russ Bowdrey and János Hidi
  • From Labour Supply to Labour Productivity | by Maria Economou
  • Climate-related Risk Scenarios| by André Choquet
  • Evaluation of European Deposit Insurance Scheme Funding based on Risk Analysis | by Rafael Moreno Ruiz and Eduardo Trigo Martínez


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