New edition of The European Actuary – THEME SOLVENCY II

Published June 2024

Issue 38, June 2024 of The European Actuary has been published.

The theme of this issue is: SOLVENCY II

Featured Articles:

  • Looking back on the Solvency II review and anticipating on the future | interview with Markus Ferber
  • A crucial step towards a new supervisory framework | by Siegbert Baldauf
  • Will actuaries need additional skills when working with climate risk? |by Robert Pusz
  • What should an actuary know about Artificial Intelligence? | by Esko Kivisaari, Claudio Senatore And Bogdan Tautan
  • New talent joins the AAE | with Stephanos Hadjistyllis
  • Can a risk management framework be tailored to social security pension systems? | by Tibor Párniczky
  • Article review Solvency II in the UK| by Tom Kenny and Florin Ginghina
  • Column: Developing the Actuarial profession  |  by Malcolm Kemp


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