From Labour Supply to Labour Productivity

Published May 2022


The contributors of this paper are the following Social Security sub-Committee (SSSC) members:
Chris Daykin, (UK)
Costas Stavrakis (Cyprus), Chairperson Task Force Methodology and Projections
David Bogataj (Slovenia), Chairperson Task Force Mortality
Daniela Martini (Italy)
Florian Moyzisch (Austria)
Gregorio Gil De Rozas (Spain)
Ismo Risku (Finland)
Jeroen van den Bosch (The Netherlands)
John Woodall (UK)
Maria Economou (Greece), Lead Author, Chairperson SSSC
Raffaello Marecelloni (Italy)
Richard Deville (France)
Tibor Párniczky (Hungary), Chairperson Task Force Adequacy

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