Siegbert Baldauf discusses relevant questions on the amended framework of Solvency II

Published December 2021

Solvency II: an important step towards an amended framework

By Siegbert Baldauf



SIEGBERT BALDAUF is an independent actuary and Chair of Solvency II  Working Group for AAE.



The Solvency II review process seems to be on the home straight. EIOPA had provided the requested technical advice to the EU-Commission on 17 December 2020 together with extensive background and impact analysis. This analysis was substantiated by two impact assessments conducted by EIOPA with reference date 31 December 2019 (Holistic impact assessment – HIA) and 30 June 2020 (Complementary information request – CIR).

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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 28 – December 2021

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