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The European Actuary (TEA), is a triannual magazine which is published under the responsibility of the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE). TEA aims to inform, disclose and share new business-critical, global and local developments, viewpoints and the latest successful principles and practices that are of significant interest to corporate board members, politicians, actuarial professionals and captains of industry in the financial, actuarial-related arena. TEA is published at

The latest TEA was published in November. It includes articles on a wide variety of topics including on flood risk, CDC (Collective Defined Contribution), Solvency II, changes to pensions in France and IFRS 17.


Concerning IFRS 17, Jasper Hoogenstraaten and Servaas Houben have written their second article on IFRS 17 Risk Adjustment. In their last article they discuss the cost of capital method and they conclude that it can provide additional insight under IFRS 17. They also indicate that it might better align the current and future balance between risk and capital of the specific insurance company involved.


More than ever, ‘managing risk’ is key in creating company and customer value in a competitive increasingly global environment. Actuaries are the pre-eminent professional ‘risk managers’ and ‘risk communicators’ in the managerial field — they are thought leaders. They combine the latest multi-disciplinary insights into practical sustainable business advice.


The next issue will be published in March 2020. If you are working on an interesting topic or have a suggestion of future contributions to the magazine, please send them to:


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December 2019

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