Welcoming our new chairperson, Giampaolo Crenca

Published October 2023

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Chairperson AAE


After a term as Vice-Chairperson, Giampaolo Crenca has now been appointed Chairperson of the AAE, with Inga Helmane stepping into the role of Vice-Chairperson. In his first address to the General Assembly, the new Chairperson promised continuity alongside evolution, outlined a 3-year strategic plan and spoke about how an actuary is like an artist.

Giampaolo Crenca lives and works in Italy, where he has been deeply involved with multiple national actuarial organisations over many years. During his 30-year career he has been a valued consultant actuary, lectured at universities on the subject of actuarial and financial mathematics, and authored a number of books and articles, as well as gaining a PhD in Actuarial Science. More recently he has actively taken up various roles in AAE, including as Membre Titulaire, a member of the editorial board of The European Actuary and of the Communication Panel, and seats on a number of task forces – so while his qualifications are clear, one may need to read between the lines to understand that he is also a truly passionate advocate for the profession.

Those attending the General Assembly heard him speak warmly on the subject, contemplating the fact that the work of actuaries is to endow value upon something that previously had an unknown value. He described this as equivalent an artist’s creative process, making something new by bringing hidden aspects to light.


On a more concrete note, the speech examined the current role and status of the AAE. It emphasised the need to both consolidate and expand the organisation’s relevant scope, including by opening doors into new fields and embracing key themes of the moment, such as AI and sustainability. The new Chair went on to outline a strategic plan which has the core goal of developing the actuarial profession from all points of view, from a global perspective. With an expected initial phase lasting three years, the plan needs to be further developed and finalised, but can be expected to involve action points that address education, stakeholder relationships, communications and member association involvement, among other areas. One of Giampaolo Crenca’s first tasks in his new role will be to take his outline to the Board for further refinement – so we can surely expect some interesting updates ahead.


The new Chairperson stated that he is honoured to represent European actuaries, and in further comments noted: “The horizon for actuaries is vast, and with passion, enthusiasm, and courage, we are moving towards an evolution of the actuary capable of assisting decision-makers in evaluating risks from a global perspective.”


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25 October 2023


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