A natural history of risk: in what way do we deal with risk and make decisions? Geoff Trickey gives us a lecture

A natural history of risk

By Geoff Trickey

GEOFF TRICKEY, CEO at Psychological Consultancy Ltd., Creator of the Risk Type Compass and host of the Sagacity Conference (September 14th, London)


Some wait for permission to cross the road from the little green man signal, others skip through moving traffic. Some plan holidays carefully, in detail and well in advance, others just grab spur of the moment essentials and go. These revealing behaviours reflect a difference in wiring as profound as that of a squirrel or a tortoise. The way we deal with risk and make decisions is influenced by two independent neurological systems: Emotion and Cognition. Both have long evolutionary momentum.


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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 31 – September 2022