Actuaries have a global background in risk management that can be applied to other areas than the insurance sector

Evaluation of European Deposit Insurance Scheme Funding based on Risk Analysis

By Rafael Moreno Ruiz and Eduardo Trigo Martínez

RAFAEL MORENO RUIZ is president of the Instituto de Actuarios Españoles
EDUARDO TRIGO MARTÍNEZ is professor at Universidad de Málaga


The proposal for a Banking Union (BU) emerged in 2012 as a solution to the banking and sovereign debt crisis experienced by some European Union (EU) countries, mainly caused by the links between banks and states. The objective of the BU is the creation of a single banking market based on three pillars, the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) and the European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS).


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This article was published in The European Actuary No. 30 – June 2022