ECA 2024 – Call for Speakers

On 6 and 7 June 2024, the Actuarial Association of Europe and the Italian Society of Actuaries invite you to the next European Congress of Actuaries (ECA 2024) in Rome, Italy. This on-site event is expected to attract over 350 experts and executives from Europe and beyond. ECA 2024 will again provide an exciting actuarial congress program and valuable networking opportunities for the European actuarial community.


Under the theme of the congress: Managing uncertainty in a changing world – Assessing risks sustainably for the well-being of society, the Program Committee invites all interested actuaries, experts and academics to discuss a broad selection of current professional challenges and opportunities arising from our changing world.


The subject areas include – but are not limited to – the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Sustainability
  • Accounting
  • Products and product development
  • Emerging risks
  • Supervision
  • Actuarial profession

A list with the subtopics and the corresponding research questions can be found here.


The Call for Speakers is now open.

The ECA 2024 Program Committee welcomes abstracts, especially on the mentioned topics and to other topics of material interest to the actuarial community in Europe until 31 October 2023
The presentations for the congress program will be selected by 15 November 2023.


Please submit your abstract via the homepage –> Call for Speakers –> Submission Form


The event is hosted by AAE and ISOA and organized by the European Actuarial Academy.

The AAE view on insurance and sustainability

Jérôme Crugnola-Humbert
Chairperson AAE Sustainability and Climate-Related Risks Working Group


The times have changed: with growing understanding of the climate emergency and its far-reaching consequences, stakeholders on all sides are insisting sustainability is tangibly integrated across the full spectrum of products and businesses. In the insurance sector this is evident as a general expectation – now held by investors, policyholders, regulators and employees – that companies will make a clear transformation and become providers of sustainable solutions.

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AAE is hiring!

Senior Actuary/Project Manager

The Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) wishes to recruit one or two senior actuaries/project managers with an established track record of managing actuarial projects with expertise in specific areas to support their committees.


Rather than expecting mastery in all subjects, the AAE recognizes the importance of specialized backgrounds suited to each committee’s topic. The selected individual(s) will be responsible for managing and coordinating activities within the Solvency II working group, Artificial Intelligence / Data Science (AI-DS) Working Group, the Sustainability and Climate-Related Risks Working Group as well as to the IORP II Review Directive Task Force.


Suitable candidates should possess relevant experience, excellent project management and communication skills, and a good knowledge of the respective fields. Fluency in English with strong drafting skills is required, and the ability to represent AAE independently from industry interests will be taken into account.


Please find the job profile with the relevant details HERE.


Applications should be submitted by email before September 4, 2023, to the AAE Operations Manager, Monique Schuilenburg.

AAE meets stakeholders to discuss Solvency II and sustainability

Giampaolo Crenca
AAE Vice-Chairperson

Frank Schiller
AAE Board member

In its role representing its professional actuarial members, a key function of the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) is maintaining meaningful and productive dialogue with leading participants and European agencies handling policies relevant to our field.


The AAE is regularly in contact with the most influential stakeholders, and we have been able to come to the table for meetings with Insurance Europe, the European Insurance & Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and the European Commission’s DG FISMA. We are optimistic that our recent input is already making a meaningful impact, specifically in terms of climate matters and the review of Solvency II.

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Let actuaries be involved in the use of AI and Big Data to avoid more mistakes

Column by Esko Kivisaari

ESKO KIVISAARI, Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science working group for the AAE

Characteristic to my early actuarial career were simple models based on age and gender, often together with the assumption of a fixed interest rate. We knew these models could be improved with better data. Data was however expensive even when it was available and its manipulation was slow, and also expensive. Furthermore it was impossible to be certain of the validity of the data. As we knew the models were lacking we needed to have safety margins here and there together with restrictive underwriting criteria in order not to sacrifice the solvency of our employer.

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This article represents the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of the AAE.

This article was published in The European Actuary No. 33 – March 2023